Melissa Raby


Melissa has been a member of the Port Phillip Specialist School Foundation board since May 2019, where she is a board member and Secretary. Melissa has a strong interest in people with disabilities to not be underestimated and instead be supported to be their best, she is motivated by seeing her son’s skills advance through the arts and other programs which he is involved at his specialist school.

She works for the construction company, John Holland, as a Social Procurement and Inclusion Manager, ensuring that workforce inclusion and social benefit suppliers, such as disability enterprises, social enterprises or Aboriginal businesses are integrated into the construction supply chain. Prior to this role, Melissa worked as an Executive Assistant and in commercial teams.

A success that she was pleased to be part of was seeing the board fund the gym equipment for the school, knowing the strong connection between physical health and all round wellbeing.

Melissa enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.